The Greenforge Building- Hempfield Township, Pa

Bruce Construction served as the general contractor of GreenForge, Westmoreland County’s first green rehabilitated commercial building. GreenForge is a previously vacant, 23,000 square foot building along Donahue Road in Hempfield Township.

In rehabilitating GreenForge, Bruce Construction used sustainable materials, energy conserving technologies, and best management practices for storm water and landscape design. Features range from densely packed cellulose fiber insulation to an advance geothermal system, which provides both heating and cooling at the same time to different parts of the building, in response to the particular needs of the tenants.

GreenForge is also the first building in Westmoreland County to have a green roof – a flat roof planted with literally thousands of living green plants, which reduces storm water runoff, in addition to other benefits. GreenForge is also distinguished for a groundbreaking storm water management approach that allowed it to increase the number of parking spaces, while decreasing the amount of paved surfaces.

Tenants in the GreenForge building are complimentary of the green building techniques used, and the amenities they provide.

Mark Haughey, tenant of GreenForge, was looking for an office space that provided ample natural light for the employees to enjoy. “GreenForge provided just that; the office provides a very positive environment. Looking outside any window provides a scenic view. We especially enjoy viewing the plants on the green roof, which we know serve as an important part in the energy efficient roof, as well as the beauty.”

Virginia Stump, another tenant of GreenForge says, “This building has great climate control, resulting in more air movement and higher air quality.”

Photos- Mark Jackson

Architect- A.R. Glance