DHL/ Philips-Export, Pa

This 130,000 square foot adaptive reuse project located in Murrysville, Pa. was completed for DHL and Philips for the use of repairing and distributing sensitive electronic medical equipment. The building will house approximately 90 employees performing a variety of functions. The building was divided into many sections, including a Decontamination area, a temperature and humidity controlled Returns and Inspection Lab, 20,000 sf of temperature and humidity controlled storage, offices, bathrooms, a cafeteria, and of course upgrades to the loading docks in the shipping and receiving area. This job also included a 120,000 of TPO roof overlay. The last piece of the job is the addition of a 400kw generator.

Architect- Desmone Architects
MEP Engineer- Pedicone Engineering Consultants
Excavation- Mattcon, Inc
Concrete- Mullen Concrete
Dock Levelers and Garage Doors- Great Lakes Dock & Door, LLC
High Speed Doors- Great Lakes Dock & Door, LLC
Passage doors- Stanford Glass
Compressors- Dearing Compressor & Pump Co
Casework- V-Line Corp
Windows- Expert Glass
Electrical- Schultheis Electric
Plumbing- Bryan Chambers Plumbing
HVAC/ Humidification- JB Mechanical
Dehumidification- Remco
Sealants- Mariani and Richards
Paint- Satterfield Painting
Exhaust Benches- FumeXtractor/ Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc.
Sprinkler System- SA Comunale
Flooring- Johnny Carpet
Wirecrafters FencingAlpha Omega Shelving, Inc.
Roofing- Schultheis Roofing
Generator- Kohler/ Schultheis Electric
Epoxy Floor Coating- QuestMark
Concrete Cutting- Pitt Service Center & Swank Construction