Fortune 500 Company in Plum, PA

Our internationally known company is the leading provider of innovative solutions for a unique industry. We are a growing company, but we don’t have much space to expand in the immediate area of our headquarters in Murrysville, PA. This has caused us to look nearby for additional office space.

A former bowling alley fit our needs in terms of additional parking space and the potentials to be a single-level building. However, retrofitting this former alley would demand expertise and a lot of hard work. This choice was made to have Bruce Construction undertake this challenge.

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Christ's Lutheran Church

To showcase the beauty of the woodwork in Christ’s Lutheran Church, the Church Council, along with the congregation, decided to have the sanctuary remodeled. Because this is our place of worship, it was very important for us to keep the Cross and the natural light stream as the focal point in the front of our sanctuary. The pulpit needed to be elevated to maximize the view from all pews.

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The SAVVY Group

Dedication to detail, efficient processes, and quality craftsmanship has lead me to repeated use of Bruce Construction for both my residential and commercial construction needs.

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