Fortune 500 Company in Plum, PA

Our internationally known company is the leading provider of innovative solutions for a unique industry. We are a growing company, but we don’t have much space to expand in the immediate area of our headquarters in Murrysville, PA. This has caused us to look nearby for additional office space.

A former bowling alley fit our needs in terms of additional parking space and the potentials to be a single-level building. However, retrofitting this former alley would demand expertise and a lot of hard work. This choice was made to have Bruce Construction undertake this challenge.

I am more than pleased that this choice was made. Bruce Construction worked timely and smoothly event wit the numerous challenges. They gutted the building completely down to the walls, and turned the 3-level building into a single-level. Of course, with it being a former bowling alley, there were no windows, and Bruce Construction added windows to all four sides of the building, allowing natural sunlight to brighten the workspace. Bruce Construction also helped us with our additional parking goals and incorporated eco-friendly building perks, such as lighting sensors.

Bruce Construction is now on our team, as they are currently working on another project for us in Monroeville. We are sure we’ll be as pleased with is project as we were with the last one.

Project Manager, Local Fortune 500 Company

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